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Mulcher Rental : Baumalight MX230 Specifications

Are you seeking a cost-effective and powerful mulcher rental solution to tame heavy grass and small diameter brush? Look no further than the MX230 Flail Cutter by Baumalight. Designed for excavators with adequate flow, this exceptional mulcher comes equipped with 22 flail teeth that efficiently cut through vegetation. With integrated skid shoes, a hydraulic flow and pressure database, and various other features, the MX230 Flail Cutter is your go-to choice for smooth and effective mulching.

Flail Teeth Efficiency & Versatility

The MX230 boasts 200 Series flail teeth, offering an economic and efficient solution to tackle heavy vegetation and light to moderate brush. These flails ensure outstanding cutting performance and exceptional mulching capabilities. Plus, they are bolt-on replaceable for quick and easy servicing, even in the field. But the benefits don't stop there - for those demanding larger brush size mulching capacity, our Heavy Blade Teeth upgrade is available. These 6mm thick, heavy-duty blade teeth instantly double your mulching capacity without requiring any other equipment adjustments.

Smoother Mulching with Spiral Tooth Pattern

To ensure a seamless mulching process, the MX230 features a spiral tooth pattern. This design allows one tooth to engage at a time, providing a smoother and more efficient mulching experience. Whether you're clearing dense vegetation or light brush, the spiral tooth pattern delivers consistent results, optimizing your mulcher rental experience.

Built to Last

We understand the demands of mulching projects, which is why the MX230 Flail Cutter is built to withstand the toughest challenges. Its reinforced belt efficiently transfers force from the gearbox to the rotor, providing protection from shocks inherent in mulching. Additionally, the sturdy medium-duty frame is constructed with all-steel sheet metal, welded and powder-coated for long-lasting durability. The powder coat finish not only enhances its resilience but also prevents rusting, making the MX230 a reliable partner for years to come.

Reliable OverTorque Protection

Safety and longevity are essential when operating a mulcher, and the MX230 Flail Cutter ensures both with its overtorque protection relief valve. This valve safeguards the motor and hydraulic system from pressure spikes that may occur when hitting obstacles. When an obstacle is encountered, the relief valves open and relieve the pressure, preventing damage and maintaining the mulcher's peak performance.

Optimal Control and Precision

Thanks to its seamless integration with excavators, the MX230 Flail Cutter provides built-in control and precision. Easily maneuver around objects, whether in a ditch or overhead, with the excavator's precision and finesse. This feature ensures that mulching around obstacles becomes a breeze, resulting in a more polished and efficient vegetation management process


If you're searching for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective mulcher rental solution, the MX230 Flail Cutter is your ultimate answer. With its integrated skid shoes, hydraulic flow and pressure database, 200 Series flail teeth, spiral tooth pattern, and overtorque protection, this mulcher delivers unmatched performance. Trust the MX230 Flail Cutter by Baumalight to enhance your vegetation management projects, backed by the expertise and quality of Hayco Equipment. Contact us at Hayco Equipment today to reserve your mulcher rental and unlock the true potential of your excavator. Don't miss this opportunity to experience exceptional mulching efficiency with the MX230 Flail Cutter - your trusted partner in the world of heavy equipment.


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