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2019 Buffalo Turbine Monsoon Portable Dust Suppression

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Control: 12V Wireless system w/ remote engine start /stop (no choke
required), 360° Nozzle Control and Throttle Control
Transmitter: Hand held wireless transmitter with push button control
(water resistant)
Misting System Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle
Hose Input 3/4″ Utility / Garden Hose
Minimum Water Volume 1/3 Gallon Per Minute
Maximum Water Volume 20 Gallons Per Minute @120psi
Minimum Water Pressure 40 PSI
Maximum Water Pressure 120 PSI
Droplet size 50-200 Microns
Throw Distance Horizontal Up to 125 ft. in Neutral Wind Conditions
Throw Distance Vertical Up to 50 ft. in Neutral Wind Conditions
Warranty 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Engine Warranty 3 Year Kohler Engine Warranty
Input Power: ECH749 Kohler Gasoline Engine (EFI engine does not have
a choke)
Input RPM: Adjustable Throttle up to 3900 RPM (more fuel economy
when ran below 3600 RPM)
Outlet Size: 12”
Frame Length 48”
Overall Length with Nozzle 102”
Width: 48”
Max Height with nozzle in upright position 39”
Weight 470 lbs